Student Services has an extensive range of activities programmed in for students which Ofsted have noted “add significant value to the quality of the education and student experience at the college”. We know that happy students are more likely to succeed well, so we make sure that our students have every opportunity to enjoy and achieve.

Activities include:

  • health and well-being sessions including sessions on mental and physical health
  • weekly sports and recreation activities: football, table tennis fusseball
  • leadership opportunities in being members of the Student Parliament and running clubs
  • following live briefs from key tech and engineering firms and presenting to industry leaders as part of academy-wide competitions
  • film club though our membership of Love Film
  • on-site careers and education fairs
  • electronics and coding club
  • debating society
  • gaming club
  • music group
  • trips and visits e.g. UCL Observatory, Science Museum, Oxford Neuroscience Labs, Google Campus, Tech Mix Digital Careers events, Science Field Trips, Globe Theatre, drone testing
  • fternoon
  • Student Parliament conferences
  • cultural celebrations
  • workshops on careers, CV building, life skills and budgeting,
  • UCAS and progressions workshops
  • UCL Tutoring Programme
  • Entry into national mathematics competitions

Work Experience

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Career Advice

Tech City College provides impartial advice and guidance on career options, further study and UCAS support. We work very closely with Islington Council’s Progression Team for young people and partners such as UpTree and Cultural Capital to ensure that all our students get the right information that they need to progress to university, work, apprenticeships, internships, volunteering or further studies. We put your wellbeing, achievement, success and progression at the top of our agenda.


Mayor’s Fund for London: Young London Working website – information on apprenticeships, jobs and internships.

Student Support

Tech City College gives students access to excellent support while they study which helps you to keep on track and succeed. It is our mission to make sure that you enjoy your time with us and achieve. We provide impartial advice and guidance on career options, further study and UCAS support. We have a good programme of planned enrichment, a robust tutorial framework and really good learning support, to help you get the most out of your studies with us. Subject to eligibility you may also qualify for a financial bursary and free meals.

At Tech City our role is to help you achieve your potential, succeed and progress. In doing so we listen carefully to what you have to say about your experiences of teaching, learning and support. We provide a solid platform for the learner voice where there are opportunities for students to speak and be listened to. We are supported in this by a democratically elected Student Parliament.

In addition we work with a number of partners such as Alone In London, Cultural Capital, NCS, Islington Progression Team, UpTree and Bathtub2Boardroom to support us in creating a wrap-around support service that puts your needs first and helps you stay on track for success.

Our support services have been identified by Oftsed as having significant positive impact on wellbeing, achievement and progression.