Employer Engagement

Aspirations Employability Portfolio

Our Consultancy Projects are opportunities to:

Develop skills needed in this new world;

Work with real clients;

Work on real problems/issues;

Work alongside skilled professionals;

Desk research and fieldwork.


How it works

Each project lasts for 10 weeks

Tuesdays, 10.30 a.m. – 12.45pm

Each team is composed by 5/6 students

At the end there is a final presentation/exhibition/project pack

On-going blog or digital portfolio

Consultancy Projects so far...

Kingston Cromwell Road Bus Station Redevelopment

Re-design of Tech City College Website and online presence using Vox Pops and other new content.

Future Schools – Conceptualise new learning environments of the future

Design a computer and manage an indoor food farm

Development of a strategy (and possible start-up company) for the use of drones in the construction industry

Design a computer game idea that can be taken to market

Two projects:

– Tower Bridge road deck Replacement

– Stakeholder Communications

And the design and creation of the River Thames floating garden



  • The development of important skills to give students a competitive edge in the employment market – team work, analysis, problem solving, interpersonal skills, creativity, innovation and enterprise.
  • Confidence, self-worth and experience develop from delivering high quality presentations.
  • Real life experience of work issues and projects working alongside mentors and employees.
  • Experiences gained to refer to in university and job interviews.
  • The Extended Project Qualification
  • Experience of starting a company

The Final Presentation

All employers involved in the projects are invited to the final presentations. This includes three elements:

  1. An exhibition of the student group work and the processes they went through during the project.
  2. A presentation to the employers: Students talk though their ideas/solutions and may use a variety of forms to enhance their ideas, including possibly models and drawings.
  3. A project pack that outlines full details of the development of their ideas. This project pack includes:
  • Details of the project brief
  • Details of the team and the roles played.
  • Outline of the planning that took place
  • Outline of the learning that took place
  • Examples of the research conducted

1.Detailed explanation of the outcome/idea/solution

2.Bibliography of readings and references.