A Level English Literature

Duration: 2 Years
Exam Board:
Entry Requirements: Grade 6-9 in English Literature

To be accepted on the two-year fast track A Level or BTEC programme students must have at least 5 GCSE’s graded 5-9 or equivalent qualifications. For A Levels This must include a grade 6 or above in the subject you plan to study.

Course Overview

English Literature is a wonderful subject that can open windows into many different areas. A sound knowledge of English Literature is essential if you want to fully understand the history and philosophy of cultures, lives and experiences. It can also help to enhance and enrich the reading experience, providing a multi-layered, deeper understanding of the texts we all love.

On this course, you will study a variety of prose, poetry and drama, including well-known names like Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and Mary Shelley. All of the authors that appear in the A Level often feature heavily in university curriculums, making it an excellent preparation for higher education.

Course Modules

Year 1 and Year 2

There are two papers for each year plus coursework in the second year worth 20%

Paper 1: Literary genres – Drama- study of a Shakespeare play

Paper 2: Literary genres – Prose and Poetry- Study of a prose text and Poetry text

Analysis skills are developed throughout the course as we study literature from 1600-present day, discussing the ideas and themes connected with literary culture, as well as other subjects, such as Psychology, History and Philosophy. Masterclasses on essay writing, research and how to structure an argument are provided.


English Literature A-Level enables you to apply for a range of courses at university or jobs in the future, as it demonstrates your skills with language, analysis and research. It can be the stepping stone to future careers in journalism, editing/ Editor, novelist and creative writing, teaching (abroad and home), marketing and media relations.