Tech City rocks on Transition Day 2017



Tech City College hosted its Transition Day on Wednesday 28 June 2017, where students engaged in a variety of interactive and challenging activities with the aim of showing them a glimpse of college life at Tech City. The theme of the day was ‘Hero’s in STEM,’ which talked about how Solomon Eliot Asch (Psychologist); Richard Buckminster Fuller (Engineering); Maria Agnesi (Mathematics) and others have inspired STEM in education and industry.

Tech City College offers a unique STEM curriculum in A Level and BTEC courses along with career pathways into engineering including renewable energy, space, low carbon and aerospace; Science which involves Research and development, medicinal and other aspects.

Paddy Willis – CEO of Bathtub said:

“It’s fantastic to see students so young engaged in employment opportunities we offer here at Tech City & Bathtub. We provide a unique experience where students gain employability skills in the small business sector.”

Students participated in tasters in a variety of subjects which gave them an insight into what they will be taught at a higher level during their studies. Student’s said:

It’s Splendid in Engineering – I really like it!” Mathew Dearing from Ealing Independent College

“Very interesting day and the teachers are really nice to talk to.” Ifrah Mohamoud from Camden School for Girls

Great opportunities here with some good teachers.” Charlie Neal

“Impressive, I am really delighted with the College. I have learned how to dissect a heart.” Anas Amor-Bouhanni from Kelmscott School

“It’s an eye-opener to see the great opportunities this place offers.” Cowsar Sahrin from Camden School for Girls

Transition Day at Tech City College provided students’ an enriched experience in teaching and learning, employer engagement and an opportunity to network with their future peers.

Nasrin Farahani, Principal at Tech City College said:

“Tech City College is about Transitional Learning and creating an environment for students where they feel they have a hands on approach to learning. We have seen students engage in a variety of subjects today, which has made Transition day a huge success.”

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