Tech City Student Return from NASA USA!

Tech City College Student’s, Nusrat Hussain and Mo Mughal experienced a once in a lifetime

opportunity to witness the launch of a space rocket at the Houston space station. As part of their 10-day trip to NASA, sponsored by the College, both students took part in excursions of the space station, interviewed astronauts, learned about space engineering and witnessed first-hand of what life in space is like.

“We gathered to watch the launch of the space rocket, the atmosphere was tense yet full of excitement!” said Nusrat.

Nusrat continued to say: “The best thing was the rocket being launched … It was indescribable! Everything you learn in the classroom in a Physics lesson, we witnessed in real life. As the engines lit and the rocket launched the sound carried out to where we were standing 5 seconds later.”

The students learned about how humans work and live in space and the challenges they face once up in the cosmic atmosphere. The trip helps identify and develop the critical skills and capabilities needed to further develop their understanding of STEM and how each concept is used in different aspects of space technology.

Nusrat went onto say: “The trip made me explore the different career paths I can go into – it’s not just about sending rockets into space. You can go into the building blocks to Aerospace – you need specialists who can send people into space!”

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