Achievement Awards at Tech City College

Tech City College hosted its annual Awards Ceremony on Wednesday 5th July celebrating student’s achievements. Students were rewarded for their hard work, classroom engagement and dedication throughout the year.

Proud Parents of Luthyano Ferracicni took to the stage with their son, who was awarded for his resilience and determination. Luthyano despite his learning difficulties has published a short story in Young Writers Anthology. He has also taken part in an English speaking and listening exam, raising concerns on the misuse of social media. His artistic and creative skills were showed when he produced a 3D drawing of the Globe Theatre.

Kobe Strathom has gone from strength to strength in completing his course through sheer determination and perseverance and he has focussed on his own abilities and channelled this into work experience. He has secured and internship with Bathroom to Boardroom for the Summer holidays.

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