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Welcome to Tech City College, a unique post-16 College specialising in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art (and Design) and Maths (STEM) and the Creative Application of Science and Maths (CASM).

Continuing your education at Tech City College means you will enjoy a learning environment designed to engage, inspire, challenge and prepare you for university, the world of work or starting your own business.

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Tech City College - Ofsted 2016

“To be able to dream about the future, while being inspired in the present to reach those dreams”

Dr. Russ Quaglia

Aspirations Employability Portfolio

The Aspirations Employability Portfolio© (AEP) aims to provide awareness of work, including a good understanding of the nature of different businesses, along with the development of skills such as time management, project management, team work and leadership, communications and presentations skills.

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Community Services

Here at Tech City College we offer a range of services to the local community. Contact us to find out more.