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What risks have you taken recently?

Some of us take bigger risks than others. People who start their own business have often compared their experience to jumping out of an aircraft whilst learning to put on a parachute – exhilarating for some, terrifying for most! You may not ever start a business, but wherever your career path may lead you, the one skill that will never fail you in your workplace is thinking like an entrepreneur.

What do we mean? Well, entrepreneurs have to be capable of thinking fast, reacting to change (often), rapidly building relationships, learning to say “no” and accepting failure as the footpath to success.

Within Tech City College you will find a thriving workspace where young companies are building the businesses that will help shape all our futures. Your opportunity as a student is to understand firsthand from these entrepreneurs about the decisions and choices that have led them here and discover what they have learned from that journey.

Bathtub 2 Boardroom work in partnership with Tech City College to enable students to benefit from start-up companies that work from their workspaces.  As a student you get help with:

· Organising work experience

· Mentoring & Motivational talks

· Inspirational events

· CV workshops!

Tech City students’, Ametchie Wright, Cem Yildrim, Makkdif Gafur, Joni Tara and Mohammed Mughal completed a month of part-time work experience with start-up companies Automata, Percentile and Doorda.  Student, Ametchie Wright said:

“The work experience was really beneficial. I learned a lot about

Data Management and the laws surrounding data protection.”

You may end up exploring challenges that they face in their business, working to provide practical insights on how they may overcome them. Some of you will have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience. Whatever happens, we guarantee that you will take away valuable lessons in business, people skills and – we hope – a curiosity for what makes entrepreneurs tick. After all, it is likely that half of you will work for one!

Who are we?

Bathtub 2 Boardroom is a young charity that supports start-up businesses at the start of their journey to becoming successful job-creators. We work with entrepreneurs from all sectors (consumer goods, tech, digital, professional services) and aim to level the playing field to make the world of start-ups accessible to all. Besides managing Aspirations Workspace we also house ninety-odd businesses near the Bank of England.

Over the past five years we’ve helped businesses create more than 300 new jobs and raise over £7 million in funding from investors. We are passionate about sharing access to the communities we create to help inform, educate and inspire the younger generation before they join the workplace.

Paddy Willis

CEO Bathtub to Boardroom