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Applicants can fill in the expression of interest form on this website to initiate contact with the College.  Interested individuals are invited to attend all open events at Tech City College.

Applicants wishing to proceed with an application for a place at the College can complete the application form on this website, by emailing or by telephoning Reception at Tech City College on 020 3301 3620.

Admission Criteria

Applicants must have the potential to fulfill the course entry criteria as stated on the course material information.

Application Procedure

1. Application forms can be completed online or request a form from Reception at Tech City College on 020 3301 3620 or by email

2. Applicants will be invited to interview.

3. At the interview applicants must bring details of their predicted grades.

4. The closing date for applications is Friday 31st March 2017.  Applications received after this date will be acknowledged and reviewed; you will then be invited for a late interview.

5. Students will be sent an outcome letter within 7 days of the interview giving a response as to whether they will be offered a conditional or unconditional place at Tech City College.  (A rejection letter may be issued if the Principal determines that the course is not suitable for the student).

6. Students will be invited to our taster days during the summer term and our main enrolment day in August.

Appeals Procedure 

Applicants, who believe they have been refused a place unfairly may appeal in writing to the Principal within 10 days of receipt of the rejection letter.  Upon receipt of the appeal, the Principal will review the application and supporting information.  On the basis of the evidence an informed judgement will be made. The Principal may, if required, recall the applicant for a further meeting.  The applicant will be informed in writing of the Principal's decision. This will normally be within 7 days of receipt of the appeal.